Shaoyuan Technology interacted with many domestic and foreign industry leaders to seek the future development of the intelligent manufacturing industry

       On June 27, 2019, Shaoyuan Technology appeared at the "2019 Global Smart Factory Summit Forum", interacting with many domestic and foreign industry leaders from Huawei, Siemens, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., and seeking the future development of the smart manufacturing industry .

       Since China's accession to the WTO in 2001, this "world factory" has ushered in greater opportunities, and has gradually ushered in the upgrade test that is necessary to undergo.
       Over the past 18 years, with China's overall economic leap, the demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, and manufacturing upgrades have become a personal issue for every Chinese manufacturer. The unavoidable reality is that Industry 4.0 has been advancing for N years. At present, even in the most developed regions in China, most manufacturing companies are at the stage of "complete automation and partial informationization".
       Taking the use of the two most basic and core systems of manufacturing enterprises, "manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP)" as an example, even those companies that are at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing, their MES and ERP are still mostly in The state of being isolated from each other.
       Therefore, when the ERP responsible for production planning issues a production order to the MES responsible for production execution, the ERP enters an information vacuum, and then the information connection with the MES is manually taken over, and the manual part is often controllable. The worst part. Then, when orders are increasingly showing the trend of small batches, customization, and rapid production, the way of ferrying and transferring information between various information islands by humans greatly restricts the development of enterprises.
       What's more, there are more small and medium-sized manufacturing companies still wandering outside the door of intelligent manufacturing.

         After 16 years of deep cultivation, Shaoyuan Science and Technology has deeply realized that the establishment of enterprise-level reference data standards and master data management and data governance mechanisms to achieve enterprise application integration is the most critical link and the basis for the successful implementation of information and intelligence in manufacturing companies. .