1.1 After-sales service plan

1.1.1  Telephone support service

Through telephone support services, users can get the following support:
l Solve the user's difficulties in operating the application software;
l Assist to find out the cause of possible errors or failures in the application software;
l Provide suggestions to avoid various errors or failures as much as possible;
l Application software features and functional answers;
l Assist to inform us of the problem as soon as possible.

1.1.2  Field Service

When the problem occurs that affects the user's normal use, after the user has taken our suggestions and actions, the error or failure cannot be detected or completely corrected, we will arrive at the site as soon as possible in accordance with the contract signed with the user Constraint refers to sending the nearest technician to the user to use the on-site service for the user. Through the on-site service, the user can get the following support:
l Diagnose and identify errors or malfunctions in application software;
l Provide the best temporary solution as much as possible;
l Correct errors or malfunctions as much as possible;
l Provide users with revised or improved results and explain the revised or improved differences.

1.1.3  technical consulting

The engineers of Shaoyuan will provide consulting services for various technical problems related to the user system at any time.

1.1.4  Coordinate original manufacturer services

In addition to providing localized direct quality services, Shaoyuan can also coordinate with the original manufacturers to provide users with their services according to the needs of users.

1.1.5  Maintenance demand response

Jiangsu Shaoyuan is always ready to respond to customer software maintenance needs.

1.1.6  Routine technical inspection

Every 4 months as a period of time, a routine technical inspection is carried out, the interval between the two inspections is more than 3 months, after the inspection, the system status assessment and rectification suggestions, new equipment and operating system list are submitted. Routine technical inspection includes three aspects: system operating environment, hardware system and software system.

1.2 Technical support system

Our service is developed to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, and is updated with the evolving user needs to ensure that users obtain and implement the latest software and functions in a timely manner, and receive comprehensive technical support to ensure that the system is in place Run at optimal performance.

1.2.1 Remote technical support

The situation of remote technical support includes website support, technical support hotline, fax support, e-mail, etc.
⑴ Document update
Once we have the new system administrator manual, FAQ, HotFax and other documents, we will immediately update the technical manual in the online service. This will ensure that you get the latest documentation while getting the latest software.
⑵ Provide software patch (Patch)
Sometimes through your fault resolution, you may find a new software error, then you need to provide customers with a software patch that can correct this error (Patch).
If your failure is of urgency and our resolution analysis indicates that it is caused by a new software error, then we will provide you with a version called "emergency patch". The patched version is delivered to the customer in the form of floppy disk, E-mail, FTP, and tape. Customers should carefully read the documentation provided with the media and all "Readme" files on the media, which describe some special steps when installing these patched versions. If the customer has any questions about it, please call the support center .
It is the customer's task to install the patched version of the software and verify that it is working properly. However, we can also appoint a technical engineer to install a patched version of the software for our customers.
⑶ Provide enhanced software version
According to actual needs, on the basis of existing developed software, enhanced versions will be continuously introduced. You can choose whether to replace the new version according to the situation.
⑷ Advance notice service
The advance notice service is to inform you in advance of key issues or software errors that we have just discovered. The advance notice service provides solutions and patches before you encounter problems.

1.2.2 System comprehensive maintenance

We can provide high-quality hardware and software maintenance services. In line with the purpose of providing customers with comprehensive information support services, we will provide customers with dedicated hardware and software maintenance services, Windows terminals, scanners and other equipment purchased by customers. We can be responsible for maintenance, including daily inspections and tests And equipment repair, etc., so that you will not worry about hardware damage while maintaining the system. This service is optional.

1.3 Technical training program

Now, business managers have put the cultivation of people in a very important position. We have followed this trend of development, while striving to develop newer and better products, we also attach great importance to the cultivation of technical talents on the client side. In the face of the urgent needs of customers and the technical characteristics of MES, based on the principle of grasping the frontier and focusing on capabilities, a set of flexible and targeted training programs has been developed, with the purpose of training professional talents, highlighting the practical ability to cultivate.