Recruitment positions:

1. .net development engineer 2    

Job responsibilities
1. Participate in the research, analysis and design of software system requirements;
2. Participate in the program coding of the core module of the system;
3. Responsible for writing relevant project technical documents according to the company's software development specifications;
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. The logical thinking is clear and organized, with strong learning ability, good at communication and expression;
3. Have solid basic knowledge of .NET Framework and C #, familiar with EF6, linq6 is preferred; familiar with .net.core development is preferred;
4. Skilled use of C # for the development of communication methods such as WCF, RESTFul, Web Service, Socket and HTTP;
5. Familiar with SQLServer database, will call functions and stored procedures, understand database design, familiar with SQL performance optimization;
6. Familiar with .NET framework, proficient in C # programming, and experience in WPF and WINFORM application development is preferred;
7. Have a certain understanding of high concurrency and multi-threaded programming, and understand the related knowledge of distributed deployment and high availability;
8. Understand object-oriented technology, understand software engineering, and possess comprehensive analysis and problem solving capabilities;
9. Can withstand a certain amount of work pressure, communicate well with the members of the project team, and have a team spirit.

2. Software Technical Support Engineer 2    

Job Responsibilities:
      1. Responsible for maintaining the platform and product data, and cooperating with customers' products to go online;
      2. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining system equipment including servers and terminals;
      3. Responsible for training and work coordination of customer system application;
     4. Responsible for pre-sale technical analysis support and promotion of designated customers.
      5. Provide customers with the technical maintenance content stipulated in the contract to ensure the normal production of the customer's production line.
job requirements:
      1. College degree or above, computer or science and engineering related professional background, one year experience is preferred;
      2. Knowledge base of oracle and SQL relational database, working experience with technical support is preferred;
      3. Strong ability to analyze and solve problems independently;
      4. With a strong sense of responsibility and good teamwork spirit, strong self-learning ability, able to withstand strong work pressure.
Working conditions:
      1. Working hours: Two shifts, 2 days off every 2 days of work;
2. Working place: Shanghai Songjiang;

3. Sales Engineer 2

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of customer relationships, and promote long-term cooperation between the company and customers;
2. Cooperate with and assist department managers in formulating department plans;
3. Responsible for the formulation and explanation of product and application solutions;
4. Formulate the market strategy of the jurisdiction, and report to the department manager for approval;
5. Sign and execute the sales contract;
6. Assist related departments to answer questions and doubts of the project plan.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or other majors, experience in manufacturing industry and IT software sales is preferred;
2. Participated in bidding, familiar with the bidding process, and can independently make bids;
3. Have good industry background (such as automobile manufacturing, power, government, etc.) experience;
4. Have a certain copy editing ability, strong ppt production ability.
5. Work seriously and hard, have a good team spirit, a high degree of professionalism, and a strong sense of work responsibility;

4. Project manager 1 person

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for project team building, project guidance and training;
2. Responsible for the whole process management of project implementation (planning, organization, leadership, control);
3. Perform system analysis, task decomposition and scheduling according to the requirements of product projects to solve major technical problems;
4. Responsible for communicating with customers on site, effectively controlling customer needs, and identifying and controlling project risks;
5. Effectively control the project development process and project quality, and solve the quality and management problems encountered in the project development process;
6. Provide background material or advice for the company's major decision-making projects and new product technology projects.
7. Hold regular project review (review) meetings to evaluate and evaluate the project team members.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer;
More than 2 years of software development experience, more than 3 years of project management experience, MES project management experience is preferred;
Familiar with the project management system, accurately grasp the scale and structure of the project and carry out effective and reasonable planning and design of the product;
Familiar with the software development process, design mode, architecture, and usually use programming languages (such as delphi, pythen, java, etc.), familiar with mainstream databases (ORACLE, MySQL, sqlserver, etc.).
Familiar with C / S three-tier architecture, B / S commonly used web server and development framework;
Have a strong sense of responsibility and can work under pressure; good learning ability and independent thinking habits;
Strong ability in expressing communication and project copywriting and planning, able to organize project meetings and prepare project work plans, work summary and comprehensive analysis reports and other documents;
Familiar with CMMI, with PMP certificate.