jiangsu Softland Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development of computer information systems and the integration and application of information resources. It is committed to providing overall solutions for domestic leading intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

Since its establishment, Shaoyuan Science and Technology has adhered to the management principle of "technological innovation, professional service, integrity management, and sustainable development" in line with the business tenet of serving the society with science and technology, and has continuously carried out technological creation and invention for a long time. The information resource application platform (IRAP) independently developed by Shaoyuan Technology has powerful integration functions, which can not only integrate with ERP / PLM / CRM and other business systems of the enterprise, but also connect and communicate with various types of automation equipment to realize the enterprise. The goal and vision of intelligent manufacturing. The IRAP platform is constantly being upgraded and transformed, and the software products derived from the improvement are widely used in several industries such as electronics, electrical, mechanical processing, powder metallurgy, and assembly. Starting from solving various pain points of factory operation, Shaoyuan Technology integrates all operational data resources and exerts the function of digital neural network of information flow, so as to achieve factory operation including production (MES), logistics (LES & WMS), quality (TQM), and maintenance ( TPM) continuous improvement, to help manufacturing companies build an excellent support platform.

Through years of unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, Shaoyuan Technology has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise, a double-soft enterprise, and an ISO9001 certified enterprise, and has obtained more than 20 software copyrights. The staff of Shaoyuan Technology are all excellent talents from national higher education institutions and have many years of experience in the MES industry. The company has a complete R & D team and marketing and management team. At the same time, the company has a senior enterprise consulting management team, escorting the self-innovation and healthy development of Shaoyuan Technology, and continue to provide strong guarantee for customers' quality services.